Pilates Classes


Basic Pilates

A great start for beginners but also is appropriate for all Pilates students. Exercising at a slow or moderate pace you will learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method. Breathing technique, postural alignment, and safe transitions between the exercises are the main focus of this class.

Intermediate Pilates

Intermediate level is appropriate for Pilates students who have mastered the Basic level, developed a solid foundation and are ready for progression and a challenge. The pace is moderate and the exercises are more complex compared to the Basic class. Modifications will be explained as needed to provide a safe, efficient workout.

Advanced Pilates

This class is only for experienced Pilates students who have no current injuries. The exercises are more intense and highly functional. Knowing personal spring settings and modifications is required. Attendance is only with a teacher’s approval.

Reformer 11

In our signature class, we will focus on 11 essential Reformer exercises and finish with a short invigorating jump board session. The continuous repetition of this flow will build a solid foundation that will allow you to take on more difficult exercises that are part of our intermediate classes.

The Reformer 11 class provides a consistent workout at any time or with any instructor. It’s the perfect opportunity to improve your Pilates skill set.


This equipment based, slow-paced class is designed to stretch and lengthen the body. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and will focus on increasing range of motion, releasing tension and improving flexibility.

Jumpboard Pilates

Get ready to sweat! Using the Jump board on the Reformer as the main prop, this high-intensity class works the entire body with an additional focus on legs and core muscles.